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Fostering a Climate for Creativity and Innovation
1 day

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climate for innovation workshop - 1 day

Fostering Climate for Creativity and Innovation - 1 day workshop
(Only £99 per person)

Improving your ability to think creatively only works if it takes place within a conducive organisational environment. Using a range of creative thinking techniques , this 1 day in-house practical workshop takes you through a facilitated structure to explore your organisational climate for creativity and innovation and provokes you to find ways to improve it. Check out our picture gallery.

Fostering a Climate for Creativity and Innovation - Objectives

creative problem solving To understand what a climate for creativity and innovation means
creative problem solvingTo use models to explore the factors that contribute towards an ideal climate for C & I
creative problem solvingTo identify the key deficiencies in your organisation climate and identify rectifying strategies

Fostering a Climate for Creativity and Innovation - Outline

creative problem solvingIntroduction to the organisational climate for Creativity and Innovation
creative problem solvingThe Situational Outlook for Creativity and Goran Ekvall's Creative Climate Questionnaire
creative problem solvingUsing collage to represent the climate for climate for creativity and innovation
creative problem solvingUsing a Perception Map for assessing the climate
creative problem solvingIdentifying key climatic factors with Force Field Analysis
creative problem solvingGenerating ideas to create the ideal climate dimensions
creative problem solvingIdentifying the risks involved in modifying the climate dimensions and risk-reducing actions
creative problem solvingStepping into the future - what life looks like in the ideal climate for creativity and innovation

It is run in a horseshoe format for up to 16 participants. The client to provide venue, projector and housekeeping resources.


Only £99 per participant per day for in-house workshops for up to 8 participants.
Minimum 8 participants, maximum 16 participants.

Who Should you attend?

This workshop is for anyone who needs a practical facilitated workshop to kickstart and complement their Initiative to Change organisational Climate. The approach is generic. If pre-workshop meetings are requested additional costs will be incurred.
This workshop is only the start of the process of improving your organisational climate and can act as a springboard of activities that you initiate.

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