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creative thinking training workshop

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creative problem solving workshop - 1 or 2 day

Creative Thinking training workshop (1 or 2 day in-house)
Only £99 per participant per day

When you need fresh ideas for your business or want to tackle challenges where solutions have so far been elusive , an in-house workshop on Creative Thinking and Creative Problem Solving is a great start.

For maximum learning and retention, creativity techniques need to be applied practically to real challenges. So you will work on your current business or personal challenges. Applying a spectrum of techniques you will find which ones work best for you in your business environment. We satisfy both the most rational and imaginative staff, provoking them to move out of their comfort zone.

You know that techniques won't work well if you are not mentally fit so we incorporate mental fitness exercises throughout our workshop. Expect fun and laughter.

Finally the most creative person can only function in an environment that encourages creativity and innovation. So you will spend time looking inwards at the climate and culture for creativity and innovation within your organisation.

We blend our workshops depending on your particular requirements. Take a look through our website to get a flavour of our take on business creativity.

Be prepared for a challenging, interactive experience that provokes you to think creatively. Take a look at what we might do in a creative thinking workshop.

Workshops take place in the UK and internationally.


A concentrated 1 or 2 day in-house workshop which maximises the learning process by blending the 'how to' of the creativity techniques process with an intriguing insight into how we think.

The major difference between the two, is that the two day workshop covers more techniques and includes a session on facilitating Group Creativity on the second day.


creative problem solving understand what creative thinking means
creative problem solving explore how we filter our inherent ability to think creatively
creative problem solving apply a broad range of creativity techniques (logic to imagination) on your challenges
creative problem solving experience practical problem solving and idea generation
creative problem solving practice facilitating group creativity


    1. Your expectations
    2. Workshop Objectives
    3. Think Out the Box - putting on your Creativity Head
    4. The seven filters to Creative Thinking
    5. The Creative Problem Solving Process
  2. On Your Marks
    1. Your Challenges
    2. Being Positive - priming
    3. Using Collage to represent your Challenge
    4. How 'Conditioning' filters out Challenges
  3. Get Set - Exploring the Challenge
    1. Introduction.
    2. Perceiving - How the Sensing filter distorts, deletes and generalises
      1. Overcome the Sensing filter by Rephrasing the Challenge
      2. Dumb Questions
      3. Change Perception Map
    3. Breaking Assumptions and the Face Value filter
  4. Go! - Generating ideas
    1. The Thinking on a Leash filter
    2. Seven principles to Unleash thinking
    3. Simplifying Complexity - Why, What's stopping us technique
    4. Better Brainstorming with FLOWTIPS
    5. Mexican BrainWave and Brainwrite 635
    6. Evaluation - Wild Ideas
    7. An equation for improved Brainstorming - stimuli, fear, diversity
    8. Patterns kill creativity - break them with Random Combination
    9. Overcoming interference from the left brain hemisphere: censoring
    10. Are you an idea generator or evaluator (see flexibility)
    11. The Disney Technique - an end to end technique that moves from challenge to implemented solution
  5. The Last three filters
    1. Style filter
    2. Selection filter
    3. Doing filter (climate for creativity and innovation)


creativity quoteWhat an excellent job: great facilitation , content and pace of the sessioncps workshop
Princes Foods, Creative Problem Solving for General Factory Managers.

creativity quoteThe feedback from the guys on the Creative Problem Solving workshop was terrific. The program as delivered was the perfect blend of interesting theory and good practical fun. The Continuous Improvement Coordinators all plan to include the CPS toolkit into their plant improvement programs.cps workshop Continuous Improvement Manager, Britvic.  2 day creative problem solving workshop

creativity quoteThank you very much for coming to Prague and Innovating with us! The Fostering Innovation workshop was a great success and the feedback forms showed the participants were very satisfied and happy and also some of them thought one day is just not enough.cps workshop Innovation Management, IT Services Global, DHL Informational Services (Europe)   climate for innovation workshop

creativity quoteThe three regional innovation events you facilitated were a huge success within LogicaCMG and feedback from participants was very positive.cps workshop Director, Logica  launching innovation event in a business

creativity quoteM1 Creativity's workshop exposed our Marketing department to the ideas of 'Business Heads' and 'Creativity Heads.' We needed to learn to get our thinking out the box more often and M1Creativity's combination of theory followed by practical exercises and techniques was especially well-received. Furthermore, in addition to taking away useful techniques to use going forward, everyone had a great time doing the workshop! cps workshop OEM Business Manager, Handheld creative problem solving techniques

creativity quoteWe were all inspired by what we learnt and it certainly taught me that there are 1000's more ideas out there than we are currently capturing. The session was also fun and enjoyable and all that we hoped it would be (& more). We would certainly highly recommend you to others.cps workshop Director Business Development, University of Bedfordshire generation ideas for new business workshop

creativity quoteTWe really enjoyed our two days of creative thinking training with you. It was very useful, practical and great fun. cps workshop
Training manager, Cahoot, (part of Santander Bank) business creativity innovation workshop

creativity quoteDavid was my tutor on my MBA Creativity Residential School. I wasn't sure of what to expect, and found to my surprise that David was much more than a tutor. He has a way of making the whole area of Creativity, Innovation and Change come alive. I was immediately able to apply key learnings in my work and personal lives as well as in the MBA programme. cps workshop Manager, MBA, Creativity, Innovation & Change Open University two day residential course Creativity, Innovation & Change Open University two day residential course


Only £99 per participant per day for in-house workshops for up to 8 participants.
Minimum 8 participants, maximum 16 participants.

 For more details, contact David on +44 (0)1525 874143 or email me at