corporate creativity & innovation
Fine in theory, but different in reality! © 2006 David M. Weeks.

These fictional players provides the context in which these diaries occur as a series of e-mails and commentaries.

  • David Weeks - a small cog in a large wheel who wanted to improve business creativity. He harnessed the company intranet and designed, built and sold the idea of the Mental Athletics Programme.

  • Ian Davison became CEO in 1998. Stressed that Creativity was a key attribute of Nabby Rational and a keen avocate for the Archimedes staff suggestion scheme.

  • Jac Willington’s, Group IT Director. A methodical easy going chap. Shrewd. Secretary Angela

  • Sunita Perigan - manager of the Archimedes suggestion scheme

  • Mike Stacey - David's line manager. Retirement pending, so laid back.

  • Trevor Coast - David's line, line manager.

  • Lewey Lizard - David's line, line, line manager. (the levels you have to go through!)

  • John Kong - HR Director

  • Greg Slowcoach - Resource provider

  • Bill Grumpy, Head of IT - Lewey's boss. Wanted MAP abolished

  • Tracey Butson - a nasty lieutenant of Bill's who did his dirty work!

  • Luc Van Winkle - new CEO

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