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31 - Feedback on the experiment

creativity fun@workOn hearing of the half millionth visit - Congratulations, David, next stop 1,000,000!creativity fun@work  Chief Executive

creativity fun@workI have just discovered this site and congratulate you on it. Everyone needs a little pick me up every so often and after reading a couple of these (fun items), it brought a smile to my face and a positive head on me. I'm set up for the week now!creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workDavid, just wanted to say cheerio and thanks for keeping me remotely sane during my time here. If he doesnt already, your boss should really acknowledge the diference you make to our working day. creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workDavid, just a quick note to say congratulations on hitting the 1/2 million mark. Your site certainly makes the day go a bit quicker and it a shame that it doesn't get recognised for the good it does by management creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workI would just like to take this opportunity to complement you on this part of the intranet. A little light relief from the day. creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workYour site is a very welcome change to the sites I normally visit, and has had the hopefully desired effect of making me laugh at work! A very interesting and topical perker upper. creativity fun@work

creativity fun@work David!! You are the most wondereful person in this company.....OFFICIALLY!! There's no way I could get through every day without at least one visit to your website. (Oh and by the way, those managers who don't think this website is useful, send them to me!!) creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workTHANK YOU !! It's my last day before I go on holiday tommorrow and its been very quiet... until I found this site. It made me laugh, it very nearly made me cry too! It amazed me with the mad facts that are almost too unbelievable to be true!! Once again, cheers! creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workLaughed and laughed. Love the new site, brilliant idea. Keep up the good work. creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workThank u david for feeding my brain with so much humour, keep up the fab workcreativity fun@work

creativity fun@workSuperb!!!! The site is brillant , keeps you alive during long boring days .l would say make it easier to access as l found it by mistake...but like you say mistakes can lead to good fortune. creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workYours is an excellent site and most people around here look at it. As you are aware we need more updates even though I appreciate your time is limited. The time these updates are most needed is Monday morning when most people need cheering up! creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workI find your site inspiring, informative, humourous, refreshing and a positive aspect of working here creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workWhat can I say??? This is a Brain saver.
How many times a week do we all go brain dead sitting here in our jobs like battery hens!!
Thanks for the light at the end of the tunnel.
Keep up the good work!! Your site is a great laugh & always manages to make me smile. : )xx creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workIf your web page was a single, your hits you would have blown wee Kylie out of her high heels and posh out of her hair extensions well done :-) creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workI have to say that your site is the best site going,. Nothing short of mint. Diamond. Pucka. Sweet. And anything else that bell-end Jamie Oliver would come out with. Seriously though, this site has kept me going so many times when I felt like jacking it all in to go and join the army! Good thing I didn't, eh!! Cheers creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workWell done david, your sight is ab fab creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workI would like to take this chance to say how much I enjoy your site and many of my colleagues (myself included) go into it on a daily basis. It does help a boring day go much quicker as well as putting a smile on my face. creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workYour site is really something. Amusing and stimulating. creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workI was just in need of a little lift and I used your 'thoughts' in the laugh section of the website. Great!! creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workThis site is a fantastic idea and deserves proper recognition from management. Your work has lifted my spirits countless times when I thought I couldn't face another call. I leave the company next week and your site is the one thing I'll miss about the place. Keep up the good work, everyone I know in teleservice who has seen your site loves it! creativity fun@work

creativity fun@work'Thank you for lifting my spirits on the days when I dont want to be here' .creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workHi David, Absolutely lovecreativity fun@work

creativity fun@workYour site is very popular and we all love it in our office! creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workWhat can I say? Magnifique, fantastic, awesome. I was all set to leave the company, but this site has corrected my negative mind-set. I now regularly "think outside the box". And my fellow workers have noticed a change in me too!
Bravo, David. Long may your good work continue.creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workYou're a saviour with this site. I've been walking about like a zombie since I got back from the gym at lunchtime, but having looked at the puzzles, I'm waking up and my neurones are beginning to talk to each other. creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workWithout the stimulation of this website I believe my brain would stop working completely. Thanks for all the effort you put in. creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workFantastic! Well done Mr Weeks!!! A laugh and a half!creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workI just had to write to let you know that the new section (Inspirations) is, well, inspirational. It`s exactly what I need to keep me going during the dark days. I have been lifted beyond belief and would like to congratulate you on the section. I hope to be able to add to it myself in the near future. Once again, thank you. creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workExcellent! Very funny, thanx for a good laugh, you brightened up my day Mr Weeks!creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workThe creativity site is fab - funny, stimulating and intriguing. The inspirations was great + almost brought a tear to my eye. creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workEveryone here in Belfast thinks your site is great and it's what keeps us sane everyday. I know we do get really bored in call centres and I feel myself going brain dead everyday. This site is one of the things that I actually look at as soon as I come into work. I personally would crack up if it weren't for brain teasers and jokes. After all call centres are not the place to inspire creativity!!!creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workI am leaving the company this Friday, but just wanted to say thanks for a great website. Keep up the good work. Bye! creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workI hadn't realised how much of an impact the Creativity Website had had on me until last Friday........ I found myself challenging my assumptions - something I definitely would not have done before my daily ritual with the Creativity website. And now that I've begun to learn this new skill, the real test will be to apply it to my working day. Watch this space! creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workThe whole site is fantastic! I just found it on a (Rare) quiet afternoon. Particularly liked Corporate Fool - I've put it on the wall and shall point it out to my manager next time I tell it how it is! creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workThanks for this site. It keeps me sane in a mad, hectic world. creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workTHANK-Q FOR BRIGHTENING OUR DAY! creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workWOW This made me laugh so much, I ended up ruining my mascara!! At the end of a very long tiring friday this made me smile. Thanks creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workI would like to say how much I enjoy your site. It certainly cheers me up on many a boring day.creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workThe site is absolutely brilliant and I hope it stays, it gives us something different to talk about within the team, in between calls, and something to keep our minds occupied. Keep up the good work!creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workI have really enjoyed your site. Keep up the good work - it's a shining light in the darkness. creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workI love the site its great for the long boring shifts keep up the good work! creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workThis is a fantastic site keep it up.creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workHi, great site. I have been accessing the site since it first started and really like the changes you have made recently. Its good to see that someone is finally using our intranet to spread a bit of non-work fun. Keep up the good work, lots of us are behind you.creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workIt's such a shame that I've put my in my resignation, this site finally gives some fun in the job, I've used some of the ideas in staff training etc. Why isn't it publicised. I found it by accident and have no idea how to find the site properly. Anyway, keep up the stirling workcreativity fun@work

creativity fun@workThanks for the quiz and stuff it keeps the mind from numbing creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workHi David. Very amused by your website and think it is very worthwhile.creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workThis site really must be changing the way I think, cos I haven't had a clue about many of the other puzzles before this one. Keep up the good work - you're clearly one of the companys more valuable assets.creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workMental Athletics Rocks! creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workKeep up the good work its about time someone put something like this on the net and everyone is chilled out alot more. creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workI think your website is wonderful. If I'm doing a repetitive task (I'm in an admin job) I'll often get quite tired as the day wears on, but visiting this site keeps my brain ticking over & wakes me up again! creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workHi, I just wanted to let you know that your idea for a morale booster website is just what we need.Within our call centre there are a lot of people off with stress & very fed up in general,to have such a website would give them a booster when they are at work.I love what you do already,more would would be great.Please pass on my comments to the HR Director so that he can give you the much needed resources that us staff need.Yes the ones at the bottom need stress relief too,we just can't afford it! Well done David Weeks ( and the rest of the team ) for your website, you deserve more intranet recognition & space. THANKYOU & KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, DON'T EVER LEAVE US!
(author note ...there ain't no team!) creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workAll I can say is... Oh. My. God! (I feel like Janice from friends!) You are one very talented guy. The site just keeps getting funnier and funnier... I just wish you were able to have new material every day to keep my colleagues and I occupied on our long and boring 1-9 shift. Keep up the good work babe. creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workI would just like to say thanks as you managed to stop me from cracking up on my shift today's as I found mental athletics and had a really good laugh and tried them out.
Keep up the good work and update with more if u can please. creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workI have to say how much of a pleasure the mental athletics programme has been. I have really enjoyed "stretching my brain muscles". creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workI particularly enjoyed reading the quotes section of map as this is one of my quirks, so I thought I would send you one of my favourite quotes, unfortunately I don't know who or where it originates from!
" inspiration comes too infrequently to be wasted" I couldn't agree more!!! creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workJust a quick note to say how interesting your site has proved to be over the months. it certainly makes a change from the dry and dusty manuals and work updates that proliferate everywhere else!! creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workI want to particularly thank you for week 8 challenge - being critical is usually equated with being negative - people just never want to find out what positive stuff one might have to say when they think one is being critical. It is the first time that I feel this is being acknowledged!creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workThe site is it is a very well run site and is very good at enhancing creative thinking. I have only been here for about a month and the site has been a good introduction creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workHiya, I found the MAP site this morning, whilst I was having a wonder round the intranet. It's an excellent site, and I'm impressed that you got support for it. See we are fairly forward thinking as a group after all!!creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workNever mind your web site your ethos is just brilliant. Congratulations!! I wish I had accessed you site earlier, before I handed in my resignation that is. I think every new start should be directed to your site on their first day.creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workThis website has been utilised by myself which I found by scanning for fun things to do. This has also provided other colleagues with whom I work with some quite hilarious fun from reading through the various pages under the heading of fun. Please continue with the good work . creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workI have seen a number of managers enjoying this site. creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workI was delighted to see so much creative feedback. please, can we all be put in touch with each other - we obviously all have similar genetic make-up - funny bones, eggheads, itchy feet, and twinkles in the eye - perhaps we can help create a new environment to suit this constitution. creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workHi it's me again, just wanted to thank you for putting my mind bender on the web page, and to let you know how wonderful it is, but if you don't mind me saying I want you to put more things on the web page as I enter it every day and I like to see new things all the time, but that's just me, I really like my brain to be taxed even though some times I'm a bit slow at thinking but this sight helps its brill. thanks a lot and keep up the good work. creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workI only just discovered this island paradise last week and thought it was a breath of fresh air amongst the stuffiness of business sites, a window of escapism, a respite from a dull day etc. creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workWe here in telesales love the website, especially the fun section creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workI would be interested to know how many people access the website on a regular basis keep us laughing! creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workJust thought I should drop you an email to let you know how much your site has contributed to my belief that there are some individuals at work that still have the spark or creativity within them and best of all a sense of humour.creativity fun@work

creativity fun@work I've very much enjoyed your site and often discussed the puzzles theories etc with others both inside and outside the business. Last Friday I printed off the family fortunes to regale friends with over our usual Friday drink, the ensuing hilarity it caused made me realise that there is nothing better than laughing with friends at the end of the week. I thought Maureen would need first aid she laughed so much.creativity fun@work

creativity fun@work I have spent many happy hours, (lunch, breaks, system down times and pre 9ams) wondering around trying to better my previous scores and forwarding the jokes and anecdotes to my colleagues. creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workI have just moved from bletchley So far, your website was the only familiar face around with which to spend my lunch hour, fear not I will not abandon it. Thank you for your fab website. creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workThis message doesn't really have a purpose I just want to say how great the creativity web site is especially the humour section, (it's cheered me up many a time) keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!! creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workI wanted to congratulate you on an extremely interesting bit of reading/interaction that you have achieved with your website.
The work in our department has slacked off of late and I have thoroughly enjoyed finding my way around the MAP, and doing all the different activities. I can't honestly say I have become the creative genius I have always aspired to be!!! But it has certainly given me food for thought and helped me to look at things in a different light.
Thanks for making my day more bearable!!! creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workThis is very good and different we will be advising the Group Training Team to view this in our next communicationcreativity fun@work

creativity fun@workI just only discovered all those psychological quizzes today, and they were loads of fun! Being a psychology graduate, I kinda thought that if they taught psychology like that at uni, I would have been able to absorb a lot more!!
I have just introduces my fellow colleagues to your quizzes, and they are busy having some fun with them...(in between taking calls!!)
Hope to see more soon!!creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workThe site is fantastic !!
Very humours ( which we need) and informative.
Thanks for making the intranet fun.creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workIt's a very good "site" on the intranet. When working the night shifts, after my routine patrols,I enjoy browsing through the interesting topics. creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workYou don't know me, but i feel i must write and say how much i have enjoyed looking at your website. I only discovered it today, and have been dipping in every now and then. It's great fun and very easy to navigate. I shall be spreading the word, as I think that if more people took a little time to 'have a play', we would see the benefits.
Anyway, thanks for a witty and informative site.creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workThis message doesn't really have a purpose i just want to say how great the creativity web site is especially the humour section, (it's cheered me up many a time) Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!creativity fun@work

creativity fun@workWould love to find out more about your site, courses and ideas. I work part time but also studying full time for a degree in Psychology. Your ideas on the creativity site are inspirational and I would welcome the chance to learn more.creativity fun@work