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3. Keep your local management happy   
Although David had taken the bull by the horns and written to his CEO, he knew that his local management might not approve. He had to keep them in the loop as well.

Moral: If you do aim high up the Hierarchy still keep your direct manager happy.

creativity & innovation diary From: Weeks, David
Sent: 09 December 1997 03:29 PM
To: Lewey, Lizard
Subject: creativity


I mailed our CEO, Ian Davison, last week about that business creativity web programme I mentioned. He said he has asked our IT director, Jac to investigate. I think he will cascade questions down to you.


Moral: Start to create a pool of potential stake-holders in the outcome of your idea early on and keep them informed.

David's idea was to position his business creativity web site idea with the Archimedes staff suggestion scheme. This would act as 'protection' since most managers had trouble deciding where it should go on an intranet.

creativity & innovation diary From: Weeks, David
To: Perigan, Sunita, staff suggestion manager
Subject: Following up your tips
Date: 10 December 1997 10:37


I followed up your tips on how to progress the business creativity programme web site. I wrote to Ian, our CEO and was able to follow up in person briefly when he visited our site last week.
So it will now be moving down the hierarchy. I just hope it doesn't stall in one of the layers.

If it starts to get lost and forgotten through neglect by my bosses do you think it is prudent to contact the CEO again with a 'lack of progress report'.

When the idea gets implemented it will be a really valuable attraction to your Archimedes site.


creativity & innovation diary From: Perigan, Sunita
Sent: 12 December 1997 01:16 PM
To: Weeks, David
Subject: RE: Following up your tips


I'm sure Ian would be happy to hear from you as he is keen to keep the staff communication channel open.

I know he has already acted upon staff feedback, making/changing policy decisions in some cases so he is genuine in his intentions to listen to staff.

Good luck, and if there is anything further I can do please let me know.
Regards Sunita

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