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4. Meet your key stake-holder

Organisations have a million and one things to do. Be aware that you'll get quite frustrating with the progress of your 'wonderful' ideas. But don't wait around idly - start planning for when 'the call' comes to present your idea. Make sure something is ready to show - a simple prototype. Nothing fancy - something to give a flavour of possibilities.
In this diary, the message initiated with the CEO, finally filters down to the IT director Jac. His secretary Angela contacts David to request an on-line demo.

creativity & innovation diary From: Weeks, David
Sent: 18 December 1997 03:42 PM
To: Smiley, Angela
Subject: Business Creativity Programme Web


The address for the demo is:
https://nabby.local/creativity/index.html"comment"> Big mistake! Don't just sent a link to your lovingly reared idea. You need to be in front of your key stake-holders to convince them of anything.
Giving them a link means you are not in control. How do you know if they look at it. There's no one around to ask questions either, especially if it's a simple prototype. Of course David only realises this when the die was cast. How can he retreive the situation?

MORAL: Impress on your key stakeholders that you need only 15 minutes of their time to go through the demo - stressing that you can answer all their questions

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