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5. Be patient - don't expect speedy progress

Large organisations don't usually move very quickly. David had to remain tenacious but could not be too pushy especially with an idea that was low priority. To ensure that it did not get forgotten David 'pushed' with a friendly note about a demo…but also realised that he had to get in front of the Chief Executive... Two months later he wrote back to the CEO.

creativity & innovation diary From: Weeks, David
Sent: 19 February 1998 08:39 AM
To: Davison, Ian
Subject: Business Creativity web ...again


I believe Jac has set you up with the relevant technology for you to view my business creativity web.

The 'web site' has moved on since I provided the site snapshot. There are some interesting features in the latest incarnation.

To make it easier for you to understand the concept, I suggest that I run through it with you or give a presentation at a suitably high level to keep time to a minimum.


David's suggestion worked and a date was set for a 1 to 1 with the Chief Executive at the end of March - a whole 3 months after the initial contact. You certainly need to be patient!

The meeting lasted 1 hour. The Chief Executive swept into the room wearing a trench coat and eating a banana. David presented his idea of using the intranet as a way of improving staff creativity and increasing the flow of ideas into the company suggestion scheme.
The bottom line was to save company costs through more and better suggestions. The Chief Executive showed interest, but left David with the comment that he'd have a word with Jac who would get back to him. David actually wanted some help with the project as he was having to climb a programming learning curve on top of the design work.

Moral: If you want to do something be prepared to do everything yourself!

creativity & innovation diary From: Weeks, David
Sent: 01 April 1998 09:31 AM
To: Davison, Ian
Subject: Thanks for your time...


Thanks for your time yesterday and for keeping an open mind.

I'll continue spending spare work /home time on the assessment and tactics parts of the site until told otherwise. ..and I'll start to think of who would be good for a pilot group.

Will keep you informed of progress.


creativity & innovation diary From: Davison, Ian
Sent: 01 April 1998 05:04 PM
To: Weeks, David
Subject: RE: Thanks for your time...

Jac and I have discussed and he will be in touch. Have a good break. Regards,Ian.


Great. Everything was moving along. But David again forgot about the speed of change. In spite of 'creativity' being on the CEOs address to the troops it was actually quite minor. (If you read the context you'll see that Nabby Rational hits big problems a few years later - complacency and a lack of real creativity. David hadn't realised that Jac was not just going to provide feedback from Ian. He wanted to see the same presentation and he was not going to be rushed - guess when it took place.

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