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6. Hassle the chain    to innovate hassle the chain of command

Hassling a board member can be risky. You don't want to get on their wrong side. Eventually frustation with progress outweighs the risks . . .

creativity & innovation diary From: Weeks, David
Sent: 19 May 1998 09:26 AM
To: Willington Jac
Subject: re: chat on business creativity web

I thought I'd mail you to act as a reminder for the above.


As a further means of moving stuff along, it is also useful to mail further up the chain. This can create a friendly "oh, by the way, how's that creativity web site going?' prompt. Don't make the mail sound as though you are getting desparate for progress.

creativity & innovation diary From: Weeks, David
Sent: 28 May 1998 16:26
To: Ian Davison
Subject: creativity web progress

Progress has been slower than anticipated due to inadequate software tools and requirement to become programming expert!

Introductory element complete
Assessment element 80% complete (another week required)

As I am involved in other stuff actual elapsed time will be longer.


PS Last weeks Times report showed our innovation at 4/10. How are we going to improve?

Eventually on 19 June 1998, David got to reproduce the presentation he had shown the CEO at the end of March to the Group IT Director. And, he was only asking for permission to go ahead with the idea! No resources or money was diverted. No new structures were required. Oh the speed of change.

Make sure everyone is aware where the idea is positioned within the organisation. If it appears 'loose', it can get swept aside in any corporate change that may happen and there was certainly lots of that on the horizon. For protection this fledgling idea needed the security of the staff suggestion scheme. Anywhere near the "training deptartment web site" and it would be lost!

creativity & innovation diary From: Weeks, David
To: Perigan, Sunita
Subject: Creativity web progress
Date: 19 June 1998 15:08


Just to keep you informed of progress.

Showed the business creativity web site to Jac Willington today. I think he is interested enough to progress it further. Looking for a place for it to go - he suggested training and development and will talk to John Kong, the Human Resources Drector next week. Where does Archimedes sit in the organisation? I suggested that it would be a good place for this to go, as well as anything else connected with creativity and innovation within NR.


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