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Fine in theory, but different in reality! © 2006 David M. Weeks.
7. Don't follow corporate standards!  

David designed his site around a mind map top menu structure. As Nabby Rational tended to be slow and methodical (like any large corporate) he had created it before a corporate standard had been set! He knew this would cause problems in the future and decided to get potential stakeholders aware early on.

Moral: Don't let innovation stop you breaking the corporate standards!!

creativity & innovation diary From: Weeks, David
To: Redfield, Peter, O'Haltit, Martin
Subject: Creativity Web site review (MAP)
Date: 22 June 1998 09:16


Further to my e-mail to Martin, I'd like you to take a look at a demo of this business creativity web site. It should take 30 mins.

There are likely to be contentious issues as it breaks many Corporate web site standards. Unfortunately the design is interactive and it is not possible to modify it to comply retrospectively.


Looks like David's positioning next to the Achimedes for 'safety' will come off. . .

creativity & innovation diary From: Perigan, Sunita
Sent: 23 June 1998 02:03 PM
To: Weeks, David
Subject: RE: Creativity web progress


Archimedes forms part of the 'shared reward' package recently launched by Ian Davison (all staff will receive a briefing from their Executive Manager soon).

I would be happy for your site to be linked to ours.


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