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8. Get the resources you need  

David started to feel under pressure. At the meeting with Ian, the CEO and Jac, the IT director he stressed that he really needed some programming support as this was a new area for him. As it turned out David was left to deliver on his own, without support. Initially he didn't have a web development tool and worked with Notepad which was incredibly slow. Also he didn't know how to do web programming. If he had known what difficulties he would encounter he would most likely not have started on this project at all! David had to learn everything from scratch.
He decided to work from home until the organisation could provide the software tools he needed.

creativity & innovation diary From: Davison, Ian
Sent: 26 June 1998 02:26 PM
To: Weeks, David
Subject: Business Creativity Web

Glad to hear we're making progress, David. Jac has been keeping me posted. I look forward to seeing the output in due course.


David decided to move things forward by copying Ian's note on, asking for resources at work.

creativity & innovation diary From: Weeks, David
To: Coast, Trevor
Cc: Stacey, Mike
Subject: Creativity Web - IAN DAVISON comment
Date: 29 June 1998 17:12


As I am having some pressure applied - see above mail, and I don't have the facilities at work I have taken it upon myself , with Mike's permission to work at home today. This may be a future pattern unless things change at work. Hope this is OK!
Will call you sometime in the morning


PS I was thinking of sending a list of facilities I need to Jac
Navigator 3 or 4; Windows 95; IE 3 for above; Homesite; Internet access
Someone who knows about Javascript
Someone who can put stuff up on Intranet and test interactions

These may take time to get, if ever, and since they are at home that's where I'll be..

Trevor gets on the job. Will he be able to get the resources he needs?

creativity & innovation diary From: Coast, Trevor
Sent: 30 June 1998 14:57
To: Slowcoach, Greg
Cc: Winner, Graham
Subject: FW: Creativity Web - IAN DAVISON comment
Importance: High


David is developing a business creativity web site for us and as you can see he has the support of Jac and CEO, Ian Davison (name dropper). Is there anything we can do to provide him with an environment here that he can work in? Surely we can provide this for him here, I believe that others already have access to (most) of the software below; I accept that the developers he requests are another kettle of fish.

When David last spoke to Jac, Jac reassured him that he "was there to help sort out environmental type issues" - has he spoken to either of you about this, please?

Graham: can we provide David with Internet access, or are there still problems?


creativity & innovation diary From: Slowcoach, Greg
To: Coast, Trevor
Cc: Winner, Graham Subject: RE: Creativity Web - IAN DAVISON comment
Date: 30 June 1998 21:15


I don't really understand why David needs some of these things e.g. why W95? I doubt if any of this stuff will be too much of a problem, can we have a chat next time David is in - Thursday maybe?


Blimey getting a simple copy of web development software, Homesite, seems a big deal. People with power seem to want justification at all stages. No wonder Innovation happens slowly here and David used Ian Davison's e-mail!

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