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11 - Respond to Feedback   corporate defence against creativity
The pilot work progressed and the web site evolved. David set about getting as much feedback as possible remembering that in large organisations everyone seems to be too busy on the treadmill. Over the Christmas period David solved programming problems he had never encountered before. Finally in the early Spring he announced success.

creativity & innovation diary From: Weeks, David
To: Sunita Perigan
Subject: Creativity Web Site
Date: 17 November 1998 13:07

Jac has given permission for my site to be set up and will be the sponsor. But I need to give it a few weeks trial just yet.

Here's the address for the creativity site -

The objective is to put the focus on creativity in the organisation, to help make us more creative, to get us thinking outside the box, to give us access to some problem solving tools, etc. It will also be a place where you can ask people for help.


Getting feedback is crucial to any new idea. Be prepared to adjust your ideas but be aware that there are some people who just like to be destructive! Treat them firmly and fairly.

creativity & innovation diary From: Weeks, David
Sent: 19 January 1999 10:50 AM
To: pilotgroup
Cc: Faulkes, Amanda
Subject: Creativity Intranet Web site

Dear All
Further to our phone conversations...

This sounds like one of those readers digest mailshots... but you have been selected because... ... you attended a business creativity workshop recently... and so are an appropriate contact for my pilot study.

Jac Willington has sponsored me to create a creativity intranet site. It’s a bit different to our standard offerings and any feedback you can give is useful.

Good luck David

January Feedback on Site from training…

"To say that it does not follow corporate guidelines would be unfair, as an external package would not necessarily follow the guide. However, the package does not offer the user a consistent navigation method."

  • There was no indication as to why I should use this programme and what would achieve at the end
  • What it would do for me ; How long it would take?
  • I did not find this site to be user friendly.
  • I was concerned more with the navigation and style, this was distracting me away from the actual content.
  • There was little or no support for the user who was struggling to understand the content.
  • There were no stated objectives, no objective referenced tests and no proposed benefits from completing the package.

    Well that told me! Perhaps Nabby Rational don't really want to improve their business creativity or at least the Training department didn't. I endeavoured to act on all feedback received.
  • creativity & innovation diary From: Davison, Ian
    Sent: 24 March 1999 11:33 AM
    To: Weeks, David
    Subject: Creativity

    Congratulations! After a long gestation, and a few problems, a bouncing baby! Keep me posted. Regards, Ian.

    Over the next year (1999) David created as much publicity as possible for the site. MAP was placed (for protection?) under the auspices of the Suggestion scheme and had no intranet entry front page itself. David resorted to a global e-mail to start the publicity campaign. He realised that embedding innovation into large companies can be a slow process.

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