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13 - Increased visibility spells potential danger

Continue publicising…but beware that more visibility can spell danger in a corporate environment especially if you are pushing the norms of that environment. Engage with your real users to continually confirm that you are on track.

creativity & innovation diary From: Weeks, David
Sent: 24 January 2001 10:45
To: Whiteley, Philip
Subject: News item on Mental Athletics Programme


As it was 1999 that I had a news item on the below can you repeat please using the info below.


Mental Athletics Programme (23.01.01)
The Mental Athletics Programme is designed to help staff come up with creative ideas, which have a positive impact on the Company. Full Story. (link to below)

David knew that he needed to have a dialogue with the users. Many of them in Call Centres didn't have access to e-mail. A special method of feedback was required for these people - the 'mailmsg'. David started putting feedback links everywhere to create the lifeblood feedback that was necessary.

creativity & innovation diary From:[email protected]
Sent: 31 January 2001 04:38 PM
To: David Weeks
Subject: WEBSITE
Name : kathy kelly
Department / branch : Belfast teleservice

Message : Really enjoyed the jokes on this website we all had a good laugh at the photograph database, brightened up our day

As visibility increases in organisations, there is a greater danger of disapproval. Additionally a re-organisation meant that David lost his benign boss who had turned a blind eye to what he was doing, to one who was new and wanted to sweep the proverbial new broom.

The first attack was against the humour provided by the site. Readers should remember that this site stuck out like a sore thumb - a fun intranet site within a corporately correct portfolio of standard sites designed to provide information.

Luckily for David his initial positioning of the site in the staff suggestion area offered it protection and eventually sheer persistence countered the internal threat. Whoever has the greatest internal motivation eventually wins.

creativity & innovation diary From: Weeks, David
Sent: Friday 23 February 2001 16:01
To: Perrigan, Sunita
Subject: Mental Athletics Web Site feedback


As you are away until Monday here's the gist of what I will call you about.

Our new boss has seen the Mental Athletics web site and because I update it from time to time, he has assumed that his area is the owner. He has indicated that he wants the humour section removed and other amendments made.

As this is linked from the Archimedes area I believe people think it is part of your site and not part of IT. It is a group wide Archimedes site. Part of my original thinking in placing MAP there was because it is a company wide facility connected with idea generation and other information all linked to Archimedes - this is how it was sold to Ian Davison.

So to cut a long story short I am resisting any demands to change it. Obviously if you want it altered that's your prerogative, but I would suggest that given the feedback, especially connected with the humour element, it stays intact. No one has complained about the humour - I'm wondering what would be the purpose of taking it off.

Let me know what you think.


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