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16 - Find a Niche to put it in

The pressure of being reassigned mysteriously abated, but was still there.
David needed to off load his brainchild and get it embedded into a Groupwide function. He knew that management didn't seem to understand Creativity in the workplace, so he changed the focus onto something that he hoped they would understand - improving Staff motivation.

Surely senior management understood that motivated staff work better and stay longer saving costs and increasing profitability. If David created a site that really improved motivation and inspired staff and reduced their stress levels in the office then management would jump at it wouldn't they?

Just in case David was living in cloud cookoo land and there was no staff need for this type of thing he thought it would be good practise to check with them first. Was there a real on the ground need for [email protected] work at Nabby Rational?

creativity & innovation diary From: [email protected]
Sent: 23 May 2001 02:29 PM
To: David Weeks

Message :
A morale boaster site would be of great advantage to us. Such things as puzzles linked to certain areas of business. That would keep advisors interested and let them learn as well. The job we do can be very boring and it can lead to low morale and a sense of dread when we come to work. I also agree that happy advisors would give better customer service, which would mean happier customers. Please grovel on our behalf...we need help!!!!

creativity & innovation diary From:mailto:[email protected]
Sent: 23 May 2001 08:00 PM
To: David Weeks
Subject: Feedback

Message :
Hi, I just wanted to let you know that your idea for a morale booster website is just what we need. Within our call centre there are a lot of people off with stress & very fed up in general, to have such a website would give them a booster when they are at work. I love what you do already, more would be great. Please pass on my comments to John Kong so that he can give you the much-needed resources that us Nabby Rational staff need. Yes the ones at the bottom need stress relief too, we just can't afford it! Well done David Weeks ( and the rest of the team ) for your website, you deserve more Rabbynet recognition & space.

The message was there - the intranet would be a great vehicle to improve staff motivation and reduce tornover and improve productivity.

Now under which part of the organisation would this fit? A groupwide function, possibly human resources.
So, he wrote to the HR director!

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