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19. Improving Staff Retention staff turnover reduced by motivating staff

Nabby Rational had a big problem with staff turnover in its Call Centres. David knew the reasons for this from website feedback. The CEO wanted it sorted out and the organisation looked for someone to do the business. This fell to HR and David saw this as an opportunity. He rationalised that MAP motivation would provide at least one strand of a multipronged solution - so he made contact..

creativity & innovation diary From: Weeks, David
Sent: 03 July 2001 04:05 PM
To: Hutton, Berni; Pitchard, Nevil
Subject: Enhancing work motivation

Berni, Nevil

You may have heard of my intranet site - the Mental Athletics Programme that was originally sponsored by Ian Davison to stimulate idea input into Archimedes. Recent feedback has indicated that it is hitting many key issues with staff. Now I am contacting various people who may be interested in novel ways of increasing staff motivation, improving retention and making Nabby Rational a great place to work.

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