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22.Keep management happy 
Management get very worried when they think they are not in control. They imagined that a [email protected] website would interfere with call centre staff productivity and distract them from the job. David wanted to ensure that this was a false perception and asked the question on-line.

creativity & innovation diary From: ZOLITA
Sent: 02 August 2001 08:01 AM

Us telephone workers get time to look your site between calls so we are continuously flicking in and out. All those half minutes add up you know!!! Plus in the summer months, all the customers seem to be on holidays so at the minute it's very quiet.

creativity & innovation diary From: SUZY
Sent: 02 August 2001 10:08 AM

A typical day is spent staring at a vdu. Occasionally being very bored, waiting for calls.
We need something to keep us amused, especially when we get customers being rude for no apparent reason.
The site is absolutely brilliant and I hope it stays, it gives us something different to talk about within the team, in-between calls, and something to keep our minds occupied. Keep up the good work!

creativity & innovation diary From: LOUISE
Sent: 03 August 2001 12:37 AM

I totally agree with 'Suzy' this site is the best thing to happen to us and if it was discontinued, I personally would be very upset. often whilst waiting to transfer calls and listening to the depressing music, I look for the updates on the site and many of times I've told people in different departments to check it out because it's so funny. so David, from me and all my team keep the site we need it!

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