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23. Tackle Conflict openly
Even though the proof showed that the [email protected] site helped work, there was still some resistance from the middle management layer. An online debate was started on work v play. Here are some thoughts which show how it creates conflict in opposing camps...

creativity & innovation diary Sent: 17 August 2001 03:13 PM
Subject: Your!

It has become apparent that your creativity is being used widely across the Dept. that I manage. Having viewed the I am a little confused about what part such a has in the workplace - particularly as it is being used during working hours.

It has been fairly difficult to track down the as it does not appear to be advertised in the normal way and I wonder how on earth my people have come across this. I would welcome your views and your advice about how I can curb the use of your during time my area is paying for!

creativity & innovation diarySent: 14 November 2001 12:33PM
Subject: A worried fan!

I have just had my one to one with my line manager. We get on fairly well and we were having a bit of a laugh. She then changed her tone and said she had noticed me looking at this site. She was not happy about it as she thought that it was a waste of time. I said that I had happened onto it by accident and had only glanced at it for about 5 minutes,(a very humorous 5 mins may I add!).

She said she understood that but she was going to put forward a proposal for this site to be removed as it wasted valuable business time. She has placed a ban on our part of the branch from looking at it. PLEASE tell me that this site is not going to removed. Also, is it right that my manager can place a ban on us from looking at this site?

creativity & innovation diary Sent: 21 November 2001 12:56 PM
Subject: Managers

Maybe we should have a name and shame of bad managers in this organisation. Until managers accept responsibility for low morale things will not change. I was horrified to read about the manager who was going to apply to have the site removed.

Such small minded and inhuman thinking does not deserve to be rewarded or encouraged. Making staff work harder but stop for shorter periods is not the way ahead.

If his manager does foward the request on, please let all of us who do read the site know who to, and we'll pass on our own requests.

creativity & innovation diary Sent: 27 November 2001 12:39 PM
Subject : [email protected] work

I am the kind of person who likes to enjoy themselves. I think that a happy person is much more likely to work well than an unhappy one which is why I love this site so much! For example at the moment, I am in the middle of a very boring task involving piles of paperwork. I needed inspiration so have decided to visit MAP!!

I am a branch manager for a branch that shall remain anon and have personally introduced this site to everyone in the branch and have found that people are much happier in themselves and achieve better results.

With regard to the message from 'worried', perhaps managers such as myself who believe in the site should compare figures as I bet I know whose figure would average out higher!

To all staff who are enjoying this site, I think its marvellous, motivating and most importantly FUN!!, which is something we all need to integrate into our work lives.

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