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24. Find a Niche to put it in (2)
My attempt to find a function that would globally support Business Creativity and Staff Motivation was hitting procrastination and buck passing. Obviously being a more innovative company or reducing staff turnover aren't important business priorities. For fun David opened up the debate online.

"Here's a question for YOU. Who (i.e. which dept) do you think should be running the Mental Athletics & [email protected] web sites? Should it be corporate or within the business? Unfortunately this great idea (I'm biased but go by feedback) is ahead of its time at Nabby Rational. So it causes difficulty and no one knows where it should go...

creativity & innovation diary From: Gordon, Gerard
Sent: 15 November 2001 02:49 PM
Subject: who should run map site?

Hi David,
In response to your question on who should be running the map site, my natural response would be the training department as they are one of the few areas of the business who have the general remit to encourage staff to use their brains a bit more. Unfortunately I reckon some of the things that make the site work( its irreverence, its common sense approach to content/censorship, its immediacy, its grass roots relevance) would be lost, and the corporate staidness of the mainstream Nabbynet would dull the freshness of the current approach.

How about an out of the box answer - have a group of publishers across the company who service a central mailbox of jokes/puzzles/inspirations etc. and then publish these as and when they can based on some basic common sense guidelines. More challenging/motivational/psychological input could also be provided by yourself and similarly qualified trainers.
Hand the site over to a couple of new IT/web-type/marketing trainees to look after and develop as part of their traineeship.

Hope the site keeps going in some form or other - it sounds like a real sanity-saver for many of the tele and shift workers.

Cheers Gerry

creativity & innovation diary From: Williams, Andrew
Sent: 15 November 2001 05:54 PM
Subject: who should run MAP

Surely from the comments you have received the MAP site is actually two different animals. The spurs on to creativity are best aimed at those in marketing or managerial roles, whilst the fun bits are more about staff retention, particularly for those who have rather repetitive jobs. The common factor is therefore surely HR.

It is, ultimately, a resource for humans, isn't it?
Or is that turning the function of HR on it's head (that is, that they provide the resource of humans to fulfill a need)?
Who runs the employee assistance line? Could they do it? Or would that make it too independent?
How about Nabby Rational Staff Association?

creativity & innovation diary Andrew Watts Williams Nabby Rational Learning Lab From: Johnston, David
Sent: 16 November 2001 03:46 PM
Subject: Who Should Be Running The Map Site?

Dear David I noticed with great interest your message on the MAP site (13th November) with regards to which department should run the MAP site?

Everyone in my department loves the site, and avidly await an update each day, as it provides a very very welcome break from monotonous work, or dealing with often rude people on the phone all day.

This got me thinking, that if a small team of people were employed full time to run the site, there could be more frequent and varied updates, therefore giving you more time for whatever other projects you are working on, and making all Nabby staff happier at the more frequent updates.

The people working on the site wouldn't even have to be in the same areas of the country, with Internet and email facilities it could be run by people all over the various UK branches. I am on a temporary contract here, and would love a chance to work on such an interesting and worthwhile project!

many thanks, keep up the good work

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