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26 - Fool! goes into retirement!

Acting the Corporate Fool and telling it like it really is, is very dangerous. Truth starts to hurt management who like to spin their own message. The circumstances were that some resources (people!) were being outsourced to another company called Napita by Nabby Rational.
The Fool! printed some letters that started to create flak from high places! He was told to remove them and staff noticed.

creativity & innovation diary Sent: 13 May 2002 11:00

Mr Fool,
please please please DO NOT LET THEM REMOVE THE LETTER ABOUT Napita as this is all true information provided and it would not be fair to remove our opinions! This person is not alone, in fact 99% of us are all in agreement with them.

The letter is sort-of accusational towards the managers but it's all spot-on.

Unfortunately there is a lot of upper management who do not like the truth. People are easily viewed as production units to be used in the machine sense. Management are very eloquent in explaining why this is damaging to the company. Arrogance is displayed for me by the quote from a director:

Thanks on behalf of Napita for bringing some common sense to a "non issue" of absolute drivel.

And the Fool! is retired . . .

creativity & innovation diary From: Ramshead, Phil
Sent: 16 May 2002 11:38
Subject: MAP website


To confirm our conversation this morning; I want you to remove the "ask a fool" section of the site.

I suggest we do this at the end of May; letting your readers know that you will be going off air ( " the fool retires") at that time to do other work. Please put together an appropriate message to publish to this effect and let me see it on Monday before publication. In the ensuing two weeks please do not use the site to canvas opinion on this issue or invite comment.

Once we have done this I will raise the issue with Tim Smort to advise him of your concerns that we are not providing an open place for feedback to staff who want to air their views.

Suggest we speak Monday.


And The Fool! was missed . . .

creativity & innovation diary Bye-bye Fool.

I've been with the company 3 months today and I'm really enjoying it. I'm really just writing to say you've really been part of that enjoyment - knowing that if I'm feeling down or a bit lost, I can log in for a few moments and find out I'm not the only one who feels that way. I'm sorry you'll be gone at the end of the month, but good luck in whatever you do and thank you.

Dear Fool,

It is with much remorse that I am writing this letter. For three months I have visited this site religiously when working in the evening. Thank you so much, you really do make our lives' easier... However, I've just read the latest update and saw that you're leaving? Why? Don't you want to live the brand anymore?

Dear Fool!

Did the fool fall or was he pushed? was the cumulative effect of the negative sentiments on his message board one that unnerved management to such an extent that they "dealt with him"?
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