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29 - It won't work without passion
The problem of where to position MAP was never really solved. David never attended a take over meeting. It wa a fait d'accompli. He was told that the site was to be taken over by Group Training. Readers could forsee that things would not be the same - the passion to update the site would not be there competing for scarse resources.

Although lots of lip service was paid to the need for a motivational web site the reality was that it would be very low priority. Updates would likely decline drastically and the employee would be again left alone to find their own way through the stresses of working life.

creativity & innovation diary From: Ramhead, Phil
Sent: 25 July 2002 15:10
To: Weeks, David
Subject: MAP site


I have agreed with Group Training that they will take over the MAP site from us and treat it as a training and development resource for the Group.

Sita Zelligan-Ketcalfe will contact you in August to arrange taking this forward once you've completed the re-vamp.

Sita didn't make contact so David has to became pro-active.

creativity & innovation diary From: Weeks, David
Sent: 01 August 2002 10:48
To: Zeligan-Kedcalf, Sita
Cc: Ramshead, Phil
Subject: MAP site

Hi Rita.

We need to arrange a chat, as I have now ceased updates.

As you may know there are 3 elements to the site - Original map, [email protected] and Thinking out the Box. The former - a creativity programme, is also available on the internet as it was developed under an agreement with Ian Davison & Wac Millington that this would be possible and that it could be sold externally if I so wished. It has not been developed since 1999.

[email protected] is the motivational web-site to reduce stress, inspire and provoke - especially call centre staff. It is the area that is updated regularly and gets most visits. There are links for other initiative like 'Making Nabby Rational A great Place to work'

Thinking Out The Box is a supportive site for a workshop series of the same name that I am promoting currently.

You can see slide shows for each of the sub-sites Background, Overviews.
I look forward to hearing your views on next steps..


This is announced on the intranet and becomes a contentious issue.

creativity & innovation diary It is with trepidation that I hear about Group Training taking over the MAP site, what are the implications for you?? As the founder of the site and the man who a lot of people will credit for keeping them sane over the last year or so, I hope that MAP does still offer an outlet for people to voice concerns and communicate....I think the Fool should be modified(maybe) and reinstated...but most of all I hope that MAP will continue to be an oasis of calm amid turbulent times for Nabby....

Please don't go.

Hi! Just to say I don't want Group Training to take over, what can we do to keep you? Would a petition help? We could all threaten to strike if that would help! MAP will never be the same without you.
You have made it what it is and no-one should take that away from you.
The credit of MAP will always be yours.

During August David decided to cease updating to see how Group Training would fare…not too well. Too busy and no Passion.

creativity & innovation diaryWell Mr Weeks,

I must say that group training have done an exellent job of taking over MAP! I barely have time to read the very regular and exiting updates. Seriously, is this the end the MAP? Shame.

Please please please please etc, can we have an update on Mental, I am on a slow downward spiral into the seventh circle of hell and need some light relief!! Thanx!! MiZ

I'll bet most of the hits you've received in the last few months have been from people checking if the site has been updated a few times daily. Surely you can't use that for statistics anymore? What are Group Training doing with this site? They certainly don't seem to have expressed much interest as yet!
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