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Fine in theory, but different in reality! © 2006 David M. Weeks.
30 - Creativity Ends!
It's two thirds through 2002 now. Mental Athletic Programme and [email protected] MAP hits are slowly receeding although over a third of a million are expected this year. Updates are very infrequent now. The passionate originator has been diverted onto other things.

It was inevitable that the great idea would flounder without company recognition. With the upheaval in the company you would have imagined that this was the ideal moment. But, the future signs are not good. Those who are leaving pass on their thanks. Where will MAP & [email protected] be in 2003?

Well, today is my last day at Nabby Rational. After 16 months in various departments, I'm leaving to seek further challenges. One of the constants in all that time has been a visit to the MAP site, especially the Inspiration and Humour pages. I just wanted to say, thank you for the site. Without it, I may have left a long time ago. I hope you keep going for many years, as who knows, I may be back for an evening job in the future...

David was made redundant in 2003 with many others as the company lost it innovative edge. The new management radically redesign the Intranet sweeping aside the Mental Athletics Programme and [email protected] into the bin.

In 2004 the company was taken over.

But the wheel turns. Ignore staff business creativity and motivation at your peril!