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Creative Thinking for business problems

creative thinking training courses
Creative thinking / Idea generation
1 or 2 day workshops
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Creative thinking disrupts mental comfort zones

We use a unique creativity tool-kit, packed with the best creative thinking techniques to generate new ideas and solve business problems. Transforms creativity from being a chance affair into a structured business tool.

creative thinking training


creativity fun stuff
left-right brain test
A Simple Test - look under flexibility
mental workout
Creative Thinking Work-Out
diary of in-house creativity
Lessons from 1997 to 2003

How intuitive are you?
creativity techniques notebook
Creative Problem Solving
Creativity techniques notebook 
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Creative Problem Solving E-Notebook

A complete on-line web-based creativity techniques e-notebook. Organised around a 4 step creativity process, learn the secrets of exploring challenges, generating and evaluating ideas and getting them implemented.

Written in 45 concise sections, the E-notebook contains everything you need written in a clear, simple but powerful format. Only available for workshop participants

creative problem solving notebook

Climate for Creativity & Innovation
1 day workshop

The organisation's climate for innovation acts like a box

Personal creativity can be squashed by the organisation's climate for creativity. Using a simple Benchmark for Innovation we guide you through a process of disassembling your organisation's climate and help you to rebuild your ideal supportive Climate for Innovation.

creative climate for innovation

Creativity & Innovation Tube Map. 
How it all connects together

How Creativity and Innovation interlink like a tube map

What better way to show the journey involved in organisational Creativity and Innovation than a classic 'tube' map, especially when its originator, Harry Beck, traced a similar path, in its creation in 1931. The Creativity and Innovation line does not show the complexity involved, but gives you a high-level flavour of what is required to create and innovate

creative tube map

Facilitate creative thinking course  

Facilitation guides you to disrupt your mental comfort zones

We maximise your idea productivity and quality with an expert business creativity facilitator, but ensure you are self reliant and adept at facilitating creativity in your organisation.

creative facilitation training

D and his Thinking Heads
How creativity was lost in early life 

D and his Thinking Heads

D and his Thinking Heads is an illustrated, delightfully written parable about "D" and how he regained his Business Creativity. This 10 minute read will quickly show you the secrets for Business Survival. Casting aside the old left-right brain metaphor, it explains how to put on your Creativity Head to get crucial Ideas.

D and thinking heads

Mental Athletics Programme
Preserve Corporate Creative Capital

Mental Athletics Programme - enhance corporate Creativity

Business Creativity courses are great to kick start a mental fitness programme, but need support back at the office. The Mental Athletics Programme and [email protected] were early (started 1999) examples of harnessing a large financial company's intranet to provide drip feed continuous workouts for 30,000 staff.

mental athletics programme