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David Weeks, Business Creativity Catalyst, M1Creativity

David is a Business Creativity Catalyst Someone who can tease out, cajole and inspire other to find that illusive, hidden idea buried deep in their brains. With a background as a pragmatic Physicist, he knows that a structured approach to idea generation is what most left-brained dominant businesses want.

David has developed a unique creativity tool-kit packed with the best creative thinking tools and techniques. It transforms creativity from being a chance affair into a structured business tool.

creativity quote A pragmatic Physicist with the skill to connect left brain people with left and right brain techniquescreativity quote
After gaining an MSc in Experimental Space Physics, David's earlier industrial career included inventing at a bottle manufacturer (patent: US4250405), a short time at pharmaceuticals Smith Kline Beecham, then seven years as a software engineer at ICI, Research & Development, developing new polythene processes (he once blew up a polythene plant).

Prior to forming M1Creativity in 2004, David was Corporate Creativity Consultant at UK bank Abbey National. There he acted as an internal provocateur, stimulating corporate creativity and innovation, using their intranet. He set up a successful Innovation Lab and was 'hands on' running Creativity Training and facilitating workshops. He uses simple models that get buy-in and fully understands the organisation cultural barriers that hinder Change.

David also spent 15 years as a residential tutor facilitating the Open University MBA module, Creativity, Innovation & Change after gaining a distinction in 1995.

Finally, David also coaches and teaches at the other end of the age spectrum. He created Mathsmadeeasy in 2004 as a vehicle to help youngsters to think more effectively and improve their confidence in mathematics and science. Within this he successfully applies NLP techniques gained as an NLP practitioner.
In 2009 he created qtsnumeracytest in a niche market to help trainee students pass their qts numeracy test.
Demonstating his drive for innovative solutions he is currently designing and developing an automated online maths exam system for schools due for launch in 2013.