1. Before you dive in searching for solution, spend some time exploring your problem. Expand your Mental Box by knowing what you want, uncovering assumptions and break it down into manageble chunks. See the woods and the trees with Visual Collage.
problem exploration
4. It's no use spending time getting and judging ideas unless you do something with them. In other words Innovate. Don't let your personal blocks or the Organisation's Box stop you. Force Field. Storyboard. Adapt or become extinct.
doing it creativity
Perception, assumptions, chunking Doing It! - storyboard, prototypes, climate, scenario plan? Create ideas. Brainstorm, Metaphor, Morphological analysis Judge those ideas. Sort, Cluster, Vote Your Brain Operating System and how it influences your creativity
2. Get ideas through Brainstorm, Mexican BrainWave and Reversal. Expand your box by creating more associations, start from a different place, make multiple new patterns and use all senses. Try a different Worldview and don't rely on one technique.
Brainstorm, Mexican BrainWave, creative thinking
3. Only judge once all the ideas are in. Develop wild ideas, cluster, vote, paired comparison and criteria grid. Your beliefs and values will interfere now! Your judgement shortcuts need watching. Don't put yourself in a loss frame!
creative judement

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